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The Big Yum Yum

This dark comedy, written by one of the greatest contemporary Irish writers, Pat McCabe, was commissioned by Corcadorca and produced in 2013.

His work never makes for comfortable reading, combining dark and violent themes. However, McCabe’s writing has a unique vitality and an ability to probe beneath the surface and powerfully reveal people’s unspoken thoughts and emotions. He describes The Big Yum Yum as ‘A sad, complex song of the universe investigated over a plate of yum yum cáca milis’. This was his first work written specifically for the stage, a new departure for the acclaimed Irish writer whose previous plays were adapted from his novels.

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Production Details.

Author: Pat McCabe
Director: Pat Kiernan
Venue: Cork Opera House, Half Moon Theatre
Performance Run: 9 –19 Oct 2013
Monsignor– Brendan Conroy
Hoagy– Donagh Deeney
Unkie– Ciaran McIntyre
Connie– Kate O’Toole
Mammy Sweetheart– Geraldine Plunkett
Production Credits:

Set & Lighting Designer Aedin Cosgrove

Composer Maurice Sneezer

Costume Designer Joan Hickson