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Disco Pigs

Disco Pigs was Enda Walsh’s second original script for Corcadorca, the first being the highly acclaimed and much talked about The Ginger Ale Boy. The production reunited the production partnership of Pat Kiernan (director) and Cormac O’ Connor (composer, soundscape designer) who shaped Corcadorca’s A Clockwork Orange into a truly original piece of promenade theatre.

Two friends set out on a celebratory birthday night through the nightclubs of Cork City. That night the whole of the city is lost in dance and pounding rave rhythms. Sexual desire is forsaken for the batter burger and the taxi home. But Pig and Runt want more. They are two inseparable violent creatures. From birth they have developed their own language and ‘Pork City’ through their eyes is a wet, grey wasteland with only one diamond shining out of the shite, The Palace Disco.

The night is going to be different from others. The inseparable are about to separate and which one will survive depends on which one can break free.

An energetic sprint through two days in the lives of extraordinary teenagers Pig and Runt, who celebrate their seventeenth birthdays together in Pork City, this play is sad and realistic look at the unreal world of these two teenagers.

Tragic, electric, exhilarating, violent, loud and humorous, this show can appeal to just about anybody.

Winner of Scotland on Sunday Critics Award, Edinburgh Festival 1997
Winner of Stewart Parker Award 1997
Winner of George Divine Award 1997
Eileen Walsh, Best Actress Award, Edinburgh Festival 1997
Best Production, Dublin Fringe Festival 1997

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork city,  1996.
Cork Opera House, Cork city, 3 to 8 November 1997.
International Tour 1998-1999 throughout Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungary and the UK.

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Production Details.

Author: Enda Walsh
Director: Pat Kiernan
Venue: Triskel Arts Centre
Performance Run: 26 Sept – 5 Oct 1996

Pig– Cillian Murphy/Kevin O’Leary
Runt– Eileen Walsh/Orla Fitzgerald



Production Credits:

Design: Aedin Cosgrove
Sound Design: Cormac O’Connor
Stage Manager: Michael Heffernan
General Manager: Stephen Boyd